Apr. 20th, 2012 08:25 am
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So I'm kind of fuming about this roundup of various authors' sentiments re: fanfiction.

Stephenie Meyer, please stop talking.

Do you guys have thoughts on this? Is fanfic any different when it's written about books than when it's written about TV or movies? My personal opinion is that as long as nobody is making any money (I absolutely believe that no one should profit from characters or ideas that someone else has created) on the enterprise, all these authors should be flattered that people care enough about their stuff to want to take it to different places.

WHATEVER. I'm going for a run before the predicted six days of rain set in, then boring domestic crap and *fingers crossed* hopefully a bit of inspiration so that I can finally finish my Christmas fics. And I wouldn't object at all if [personal profile] adrenalin211 and [personal profile] sardonicynic finished their Christmas fics either. What, are you having a life or something? :P

Also, due to a meme I got from [profile] tanyareed, I'm trying to think up five characters whose names begin with T in order to comment on them. If you guys have suggestions, let me know! And I hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing weekend.

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I've just read that bile of authors claiming to know all about fanfic and where they stand on the subject. If they really knew anything, they'd know, no one is trying to make a profit from it. I could go on, but I really don't have the energy. It irks me that they've picked the most ridiculous choice of people to comment when mostly their work would be classed as fan fiction if they'd hadn't become famous and made a profit themselves. To tell the truth. I have read better fan fiction than some of those authors!

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Although I liked her "The Host", still, it's not that special and I could name a handful of people who could have written that book.
And how many times has the vampire story been done? Why is hers so special? We could go right back to our beloved Kiefer and beyond. David was my first vampire love and will continue to be so why oh why do we have to put up with the constant regurgitated pile of crap over and over!
I didn't see the comments, but I can only imagine what they're saying.
Anyway... I was going to ask you something, then I forgot and now I remember.
I've often seen at the start of fics, the thing with prompts. Is that something you guys still do?

on 2012-04-27 12:56 pm (UTC)
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Haha. Okay... yeah you did and I need a coffee too...
So when the prompts come... can they come from anyone besides your best friend? LOL.
Cuz I errr... had one.
It comes from a title of a movie I actually saw while shopping online and I thought it was interesting. You're free to take up this challenge, or not, depending on whether you want to.
The movie is a horror, but I don't expect you to even go down that road. Just that line... its sort of ambiguous..

Okay... the prompt:
If a Tree Falls

I don't mind which pairing though I think that's already a done deal...


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