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First, I want to pimp this: out of this world | an AU ficathon

[profile] century_fox is running it and there are already some super cool prompts, so if you are so inclined, go forth and leave moar! *coughs at urge to write the Jack/Renee one yet again*

I meant to mention this earlier, but [personal profile] ladyoflorien does a Fic Friday thing on Twitter, in which you attempt to write prompt-based fic that lands on the magic "0" character counter (including the username) before you send it to its recipient. Landing in the 24 fandom has caused my fic to boldly (or some other adverb of your choosing, heh) go where it has never gone before, and this is the latest challenge. It's FUN, and if you feel in the writing mood but can't commit to something big, I recommend it highly.

A few examples that came out of last week's (some of them are mine and some are [personal profile] adrenalin211's, and I'm not saying which is which just for fun):

"Really?" He studies her raised eyebrow and curled lip. "It'll be fun," she says, so he fastens metal to his wrist and waits.

It's baby blue with tiny flowers. Jack snaps the bottom. "You're beautiful," he says to her, tossing the diaper into the bin.

She trips on shoes as she brushes her teeth. He recalls breath on his neck, tongue swirling lower, and thinks: Not my fault.

"You want a coat?" she asks, gesturing with the brush. "Pink? Green?" He helps her put cotton between her toes. "I'll pass."

The machines make icy barriers. Finally he can hold her, crushed by gratitude for the skin-to-skin heat of her tired smile.

Breathing feels like lava, inside. She rasps, "Will you read?" His words offer an exit; his hand imprints faith on her arm.

He tries to read, glare on white pages. Damn bikini's too distracting, green strings on her hips that he unties with his mind.

White walls and bleachy scent of cleanser fade when the door swings. Cup of vibrant pineapple, fuchsia tank top. He brightens.

Panting, she whispers against his throat, "You said you'd make dessert." He laughs, fingers on her ribs. "That wasn't enough?"

Anyway it's kind of super fun, yet harder than it sounds.

Woah I just spaced out staring at my icon. I need more coffee!

F-list question for today: If you had to pick five songs, right now, and they were the only songs you could listen to for an indefinite period of time, what would those five songs be?
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