Jan. 5th, 2012

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I'm going to try to keep this brief (for me anyway), because it's barely more than an idealet in my brain.

I've been thinking about all the writing comms/challenges/whathaveyous I've seen around LJ, and the fact that they're often time limited or pressure-filled or all of the above.

I was also thinking that I often wind up in a place where I feel as if I want to write, but it's just hard to get myself motivated to do it and how much the [livejournal.com profile] het_banghelp comm helped me with that last summer.

SO. I'm thinking about starting a writing comm (any kind of writing at all -- fanfic, original fic, whatever's your thing), the purpose of which would be to create an environment with low levels of pressure and high levels of encouragement. My immediate thoughts run along the lines of having idk, a goal of thousand words a week (or 500! All of this is open to suggestion). Posts could include: progress updates, requests for concrit, writing traumas of the day, challenge suggestions, etc. Members would obviously not have to participate every week.

This is just a post to find out if anybody would be interested in such a thing. If not, completely cool. If so, also cool.

To help, a handy poll!

[Poll #1808640]

Ideas, comments, questions, and anything else are more than welcome in comments.


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