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fandom: 24
title: Our arms fill with miracles
word count: 927
warnings: Series spoilers, language, AU like woah
a/n: This is for [profile] century_fox, who prompted with, "Come head on, full circle / our arms fill with miracles.” Given that it’s you, Cinna, I’m hoping the fact that it’s almost June won’t squash the Christmas spirit. I will get all of these done eventually. The complete list of prompts is here. Ginormous thanks to [personal profile] adrenalin211 for being a great beta and a cheerleader when I needed one.

The title is taken from 'Go Places,' by The New Pornographers.

Our arms fill with miracles )

In entirely unrelated news, I continue to be amused by the collection of random that is tumblr. It works on my brain in such a strange way. It's a giant collision of funny, hot, thoughtful, weird, clever, pretty, and sometimes downright effing freaky. Also, one of the tags I track is "Jeremy Renner," and seriously, there must be ten posts a minute. I've given up even trying to see them all.

What's up with you guys?
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I signed up for [community profile] het_bigbang.

I'm still sorting through like five (and I only say five because I picked that number out of a hat) different plot tracks, but I do at least have the mood/theme/setting down in my brain, so that's something. I guess we'll see if I can actually pull it off with RL yanking on me from so many directions.

I realize that this isn't the kind of thing most of you do, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I mean, there's a 10k option this year:) And if you don't want to do it but know a good place to pimp the community, go for it!

Gah, plane again tomorrow. Wow I hate flying. *breathes*

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!
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I've discussed this subject with [profile] lowriseflare and [profile] century_fox, and with the recent explosion of fic talk surrounding The Hunger Games movie, it's even more on my brain.

What aspects of a TV show/movie/book are likely to make you need fic like breathing? Are there some TV shows/movies/books for which you read fic but wouldn't dream of ficcing, even if you write?

I'm just super curious to hear some thoughts on this!

This picture makes me die laughing. )

Anyway, happy Tuesday! My birthday present is a tattoo, so I'm mulling what and where:)
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After the insane drama of het_bigbang last year, I had decided, 100% and without a doubt, that I would not, under any circumstances, be participating this year.

And then the mod pops up this post, which says that there will be a 10k mini-bang option.

I just. GAH!!! In any case, this is also a PSA for anybody and everybody who might want to participate in this. Despite the angst and all that crap, I had so much fun, and the people in that comm are some of the best people on LJ. /PSA

Happy St. Paddy's Day!


Mar. 16th, 2012 11:26 am
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Wow, this NPR article about the publication of books that originated as Twatlight fanfic has me all ten thousand squiggles of wiggling in my chair.


Also, iTunes genius mixes are super hit or miss, but wow when they *hit*, they can be phenomenal. Do you guys use this feature?
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Stolen (again) from [profile] lowriseflare:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.
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I wasn't going to say anything on LJ/Dreamwidth about my Galentine's Day thread, but now there are ficlets in there (and also some super hot pics of Jack/Kiefer). [personal profile] adrenalin211 will now proceed to kill me for linking to this. My only defense is that because there is such a dearth of Jack/Renee fic out there in cyberspace, when some shows up I feel the need to shout this fact to the rooftops.

You started it, A.

I am so mature.

WARNING: My segment of the above link contains pregnant!fic. Haters to the left, please and thank you. If that's not your tea, most definitely do not click the link. Or do click it and just skip to A's porn;)
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fandom: BSG
characters: lee adama, kara thrace
title: hiding my heart away
word count: 850
warnings: uh, sexual situations? Sorta?
a/n: This is for [livejournal.com profile] siricerasi. The complete list of prompts is here. All fail, canon or otherwise, is mine and mine alone. Not exactly my area of expertise, yikes! Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] adrenalin211 for the super fast read-through.

Title and cut text are from Brandi Carlile's "Again Today/Hiding My Heart."

because I'm your hero and you're my weakness )


For dinner tonight, I made these fish tacos, and omigod, I really can't even describe how good they are. If you like fish and/or spicy food at all, I recommend this recipe so highly. I even went wild (I have low wild standards, okay?) and made my own version of chipotle mayo with fat free Greek yogurt, barbecue sauce, and seasonings. It was delicious.

I am also about to bounce the eff out of my seat in excitement, waiting for this album. Seriously, The Punch Brothers, The Decemberists, The Civil Wars, The Secret Sisters, The Low Anthem, ALL WITH THE CHIEFTAINS? *freaks the eff out*

I hope you guys had a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration, and a huge HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. May it be the best one yet.
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fandom: 24
title: all of these lines
word count: 486
warnings: Spoilers for the series, mentions of torture and general PTSD
a/n: This is for [livejournal.com profile] adrenalin211, who prompted with something totally different but than said she'd rather read this. Totally unbetaed, so chyeah. We'll see if you think so once you're done, A:P The complete list of prompts is here.

Title and cut text are from Brandi Carlile's "The Story."

no they don't know who I really am, and they don't know what I've been through like you do )

HOW is it six days until Christmas? I just don't understand. Yikes. Also, do you guys have snow? We have no snow. Nor any snow in the foreseeable future. I would really like to special order some at the moment. How is everybody (well, everybody who celebrates) dealing with the final rush of holiday madness? As a parent, I found this comic strip wildly appropriate. They're all pretty funny, especially if you scroll back a few to the plastic surgery one:)
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fandom: 24
title: forget your perfect offering
word count: 1141
warnings: Spoilers for the series, language, AU like woah
a/n: This is for [livejournal.com profile] paladin24, who prompted with, "in my dreams I was drowning my sorrows / but my sorrows, they learned to swim." HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it's a great one. The complete list of prompts is here.

Title and cut text are from Leonard Cohen's insanely beautiful "Anthem."

ring the bells that still can ring )

A question I'm asking myself today is: How the hell did I not know about the existence of this book? I freakin' adore Alice Hoffman. I am beyond stoked to read this over the holiday work break. What are you guys reading? Also, if anybody would like to point me in the direction of kid-friendly (translation: really easy) cookie recipes, that would be rad.
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fandom: Justified
title: if you come knockin' late at night
word count: 805
warnings: Season 2 spoilers
a/n: This is for you, [livejournal.com profile] sardonicynic, with apologies for whatever I have done with these characters we love so much. I'm crossing my fingers that a little Raylan/Winona will perk up your holiday season for five minutes. The complete list of prompts is here.

The title and cut text are from Bruce Springsteen's "Secret Garden."

you've gone a million miles, how far'd you get? )

This video is so flippin' cool. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] dealan311 for the link. And speaking of Kay, can I just take this opportunity to say that I miss my layout like woah right now? It actually took longer than I thought it would to hit me, but it's like I pull up LJ and suddenly remember that I'm missing an arm. /hyperbole

In other news, I rewatched "Bloody Harlan" for 'research' (snicker), and Justified needs to come back right now. RIGHT NOW, DAMMIT.

You guys, it's less than two weeks until Christmas. ZOMG, insanity. What's going on?
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fandom: Chuck
title: silver in the stars above that shine on everybody
word count: 550
warnings: general series spoilers
a/n: I need to make the giant disclaimer that I have not watched Chuck in over a year. Any canon fail here is all mine, with abject apologies.

This is for [livejournal.com profile] siricerasi, with hopes that the result of me stepping way outside my comfort zone isn't spectacularly disappointing. The complete list of prompts is here.

The title is from "White Is in the Winter Night," by Enya. Cut text is from "Love is Christmas," by Sara Bareilles.

Why so scared that you’ll mess it up? Imperfection keeps you haunted. )

There is a low of 20 on my widget, and this delights me to a ludicrous degree. Also, what is going on with me and Pandora's secret plan to make me like Patty Loveless? I don't understand. Right now I just want to curl up in bed and read Madeleine L'Engle's The Twenty-Four Days Before Christmas cover to cover.

eta: This morning, I came across this article, which is worth a read if you care about women on TV.
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fandom: Law & Order: SVU
title: baby, it's cold outside
word count: 1089
warnings: language, cranky cops
a/n: If you choose to read this story, it's important to know that 99% of it probably doesn't make sense. It's Christmas, Theo. It's the time of miracles! (If you don't get that, you're a lot younger than I am;)

This is for you, [livejournal.com profile] lauridsen09, with my apologies;) The complete list of prompts is here. I'm posting it today because I failed at getting the fic for today done, and that's how I roll.

Took him a while, but he’s figured out that the fewer words he says to her, the less he manages to make her angry. )

ON A WILDLY DIFFERENT SUBJECT, N came home today and had me watch this video about kids at a super white Tennessee school trying to understand the Holocaust. Only people who know me really well will understand how I could link this to a Christmas story (although honestly, a large reason is purely to avoid being spammy), but in any case, it is lovely and filled with hope and it choked me up but good.

I hope things are good with you guys! How is it already December 6?
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title: play hearts, kid, they work well
word count: 854
disclaimer: Do I have a disclaimer? Well, frequent brushing prevents cavities. So does not reading my Jack/Renee fic;)
warnings: show spoilers, language
a/n: This is a sequel to yes the heart should always go one step too far.

I'm technically not (quite) behind yet, but this was supposed to be posted on the 3rd. Attempting to write Jack/Renee liquifies my brain, I tell you. This is for [livejournal.com profile] elisa_trapt. I'm sorry if you wanted Beverly and Jean-Luc. This is what took over when I sat down to write. The complete list of prompts is here.

Title is from 'Go Places,' by The New Pornographers.

He’s seen more than enough to know this damage isn’t the reversible kind. )

I've been under a rock between extra work, kid sports, and holiday (tree procurement, blah blah blah) craziness. What's going on with you guys? I am making the most epic Pandora Christmas station, but every now and then they freakin' sneak in Mariah Carey or Hillary Duff. Wtf, Pandora?
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title: yes the heart should always go one step too far
word count: 499
disclaimer: By now, you guys all know that my mind on Jack and Renee is the poor egg on drugs (work with me). 'Nuf said.
warnings: show spoilers, references to suicidal thoughts and self-harm

This is for you, [livejournal.com profile] ws_scribe, with Christmas love and wishes for deployment that's as good as it can be during the holidays. For the complete list of prompts, you can click here.

Title is from 'Go Places,' by The New Pornographers.

She’s still stuck in the middle. )

I have been mainlining Mary Chapin Carpenter's "Hot Buttered Rum" for a day now. If you are at all into music that sounds like poetry, I recommend it highly. *swoons*

And as always, entirely non fic-related comments/observations/randomness are welcome in this entry. Bring it on!

Ho ho ho!!!

Dec. 1st, 2011 10:55 am
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It's December 1st! I can't even stand how much I love the Christmas season and I'm pretty sure nobody else can stand it either. But since it's the first, here is my first attempt at Christmas!fic. For a complete list of what you have to dread horribly look forward to, see this list of holiday fic prompts.

However, a quick disclaimer about what's going on with fic. My 'brilliant' plan to get ahead of the game didn't work out. These will all be written. Of that there is no doubt. The when part is what's up in the air. In short, I will be posting as best I can, but not always on the day the fic was requested and possibly not always in order. Also, I can guarantee a wide variance in quality. Heh.

If I do manage to get a decent amount of fic out (big 'if'), I don't want to get all spammy in order to talk about other things, too. So as always, my journal is your playground! If you want to bring up something entirely unrelated to whatever goofy ficlet I happen to be posting at the moment, go for it. Just keep in mind that ficlet posts are unlocked:)

Here we go! For you, [livejournal.com profile] marinw. Maybe reading ridiculously squashy Bill/Karen smuffle your inner Scrooge for a few minutes;)

She’ll walk into a house that smells like curry powder and that delicious ‘Home for the Holidays’ Yankee candle. )

eta: Oh! And I changed my journal layout just for the holidays. I already miss my real layout like woah, complete with clammy hands and withdrawal shakes. However, I'm gonna embrace the holiday spirit, and having the other one back will give me something to look forward to when the post-Christmas blahs hit:)
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Holy Tim Olyphant's stomach muscles, I wrote something in which Renee doesn't even have a line of dialogue. Anyway, more lalalalala, me attempting to shake out the massive brain cobwebs. This is for [livejournal.com profile] xbedhead. Blame her and [livejournal.com profile] kcountess, who wrote fic that got me all Jack/Kim nutty. Blame the squash on the fact that I'm a mom.

Five Times Jack Held Kim's Hand and One Time He Couldn't )

OMG, it's snowing. I can't even cope with my flaily joy.
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So whatever, lalalalala. These are 100% unbetaed unglue my brain ficlets. For [livejournal.com profile] marinw -- I'm doing your prompt first to make sure I actually do it this time! These are all (except the first one, which is mid-canon 7x18) set in some not necessarily connected AU. Don't ask me. I just work here;)

Five Times Jack and Renee Breached a Perimeter )

I think Annie's on Hawaii 5-O tonight. I might have to watch it. Or you know. Say I'll watch it, forget, and then watch it tomorrow on Hulu. Happy Monday everybody!
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Title: What If You Catch Me, Where Would We Land
Author: [livejournal.com profile] leigh57
Pairing: Jack Bauer/Renee Walker
Word Count: Approximately 34,000 total – a little under 3000 for this chapter
Rating/Warnings: R; sex, violence, language, references to physical and sexual abuse, spoilers for the entire series
Summary: But every once in a while when the guards were down, he’d click off the filters and let himself have her back, only for a minute. Light of her smile, smell of the skin on her neck, brush of her hand on his chest, checking for wounds. Rich stereo soundtrack of her voice.
Author's notes: With Chapter One

Final note on putting up this chapter: It’s weird, is what it is, being more or less done with this giant thing. I’m sure I’ll mess with it as time goes on, because I’m always fussing with stuff. But for now, a huge ‘thank you’ to anybody who made it through the entire thing, and one final giant shout-out to [livejournal.com profile] adrenalin211 and [livejournal.com profile] dealan311, without whom this story never would have happened. Oh! And I should also give credit to [livejournal.com profile] alwaysashipper, because the entire idea started with one of her prompts.

I don’t have a choice, but I still choose you )


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