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I thought I should include an entry to indicate that most of the stuff in my journal is friends-locked and explain a little bit about that. Fic and some fannish stuff is the exception. A couple thoughts on why you may or may not want to friend me:

Things I love:
My kids. My husband. My family. My friends.
Insane liberals
Kiefer Sutherland and almost everything about 24 until the end of 8x17;)
Books, words, and ideas
Writing fanfic
Irony and sarcasm
Laughing at idiocy
Intelligent, respectful debate
Learning about anything and everything I'll never have the opportunity to experience myself

Things I hate:
Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and everyone like them. No, seriously. If you fangirl Ann Coulter, we are probably not a good LJ matchup.
Republicans who want to sink Obama's legislation just to watch him fail

I may edit this as I think of others. If you want to friend me, comment on this entry and it's likely that I'll friend you back. I do like to know something about the people on my friends list, so give me a hint as to what you think we have in common:)

FO banner of excellence by [livejournal.com profile] dealan311. You ROCK, Kay:)
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I'm exhausted, hot as hell, cranky, and my voice is on the verge of giving out (pretty standard for mid-July), but that didn't keep me from laughing until my stomach hurt over 7 Unintentionally Sexual Optical Illusions.

As you can probably guess, NSFW.

p.s. My current music is amazing. If you don't know it and your musical taste is at all like mine, check it out. *swoons and makes fanvid in head*

p.p.s. I thought I loved certain celebrities until I saw what happened on tumblr during Comic Con. I sit corrected.
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CT was kind of like some terrible reality show (possibly about New Jersey) but more about that later. For now, a meme.

Stolen (as almost always, it seems) from lowriseflare:

Hit me with a fandom/character/pairing and I'll list my three most unpopular opinions about it. (Point being, I don't guarantee they'll be unpopular. Just that they'll be opinions. I say this only because often I have no idea what the popular opinion is.)

You guys, I am not too proud to beg. Talk to me and give me fannish stuff to think about while I try to do the approximately 12 thousand things I should be doing to organize life. And I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!
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I signed up for [community profile] het_bigbang.

I'm still sorting through like five (and I only say five because I picked that number out of a hat) different plot tracks, but I do at least have the mood/theme/setting down in my brain, so that's something. I guess we'll see if I can actually pull it off with RL yanking on me from so many directions.

I realize that this isn't the kind of thing most of you do, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I mean, there's a 10k option this year:) And if you don't want to do it but know a good place to pimp the community, go for it!

Gah, plane again tomorrow. Wow I hate flying. *breathes*

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!
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So S is home with a stomach virus. Again. I didn't even realize that was . . . possible. But the doctor says it is, SO. Maybe we can just have an action replay of the awesome that was LAST week. I can only wait in breathless hope. Or something. I seriously give up. However, this video is pretty frakking amazing and hilarious. Also, the first dog is adorable.

Wishing all of you a healthier Wednesday than we're having in this house!

eta: OH. And Justified was so fantastic I can't even deal. At least there is that:) Boyd! Dewey! Dickie! Johnny! RACHEL!!! I cannot stop with my exclamatory joy.


Feb. 3rd, 2012 08:10 am
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Wow, I missed the Porn Battle prompts post deadline. And woke up to discover that we're out of coffee. This week continues to be a winner. #firstworldproblems.

But I did finally manage to put up my Jack/Renee Shipper Manifesto! It's a whole lot more thrown together than I wanted it to be, mainly because I had zero time to work on the second 2/3 of it, but it's done, and that's what's important.

Huge thank yous to [personal profile] sardonicynic for unlocking fic so I could rec it and to [personal profile] adrenalin211 for making me graphics and for the crazy quick read-through of my stream-of-consciousness babble. [personal profile] dealan311, feel better dude!

One major advantage to all the squeeing is that it really got me in the mood to write again. Now I'm in one of those "so many ideas, so little time" places, which feels kind of excellent in my brain after this week's insanity.

Okay! Off to Dunkin' Donuts to score my fix, and then I think finally . . . this week's Justified! [personal profile] sardonicynic says it's awesome, and I do not doubt:) You guys have exciting weekend plans?
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Holy shit. I posted the *insert every expletive known to humankind* story that's been slowly gnawing at my brain for the better part of two weeks now. It's here: http://community.livejournal.com/24_fanfic/304876.html#cutid1

I am so excited, not because I think it's even slightly good, but because I finally worked up the courage to hit the post button and get it the hell out of here. And look -- it even comes with appropriate visual aids! ;)

Kay's awesome cover art )

The next fic I write is going to be 24 one hundred word drabbles based on songs Kay sent me (thanks Kay!). I am beyond stoked by the idea of working on something that is 1) not over nine thousand words long and 2) doesn't have to make sense as a whole.

Remind me never again to write a long fic. Yeah, I'll so forget that resolution over the summer. That's when I should come back and read this post. Now, a return to real life, in which I frantically clean my house and try to catch up on all the details I've been ignoring. The weather here is cold, grey, and gross, I have a million errands to run, Kiefer's probably gonna wind up in the slammer and derail S8, and I'm STILL in a good mood because I can stop thinking about this. Hoosh.

ETA: I just realized I didn't even put in a summary. That's where my brain is right now. hahahahahaha. I'm thinking something along the lines of "This fic is too long for my fragile little mind to summarize. My bad."


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