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So I rewatched 24 7x01 last night. I had about 436782967893462896457289 feelings, most of which I won't bore anyone with. But it WAS so funny, after a long time of watching only bits and pieces of S8 (if anything), to see Renee all innocent and strutty, back before she knew she'd been repeatedly beat up and almost raped by a Russian freakshow;) It was so much fun that I got motivated to go and hunt up Kay's insanely amazing screencap recap.

And I laughed my ass off again:)

More tonight, hopefully. SHOW, WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN GOOD?

And then I realized that while I've asked you guys who watched 24 about your favorite season, I don't think I've ever asked about your favorite episode. And now I'm curious. If you had to pick one ep, which one would it be? Why?

eta: Also, cool link to article about Touch. I'm pretty excited to have Kiefer back on my TV. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sparkles_mouse for the link.
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Because holy shit do I have cheese! I was so determined to get these damn drabbles done before the finale, because who knows what that will do to my insane little fantasy world?

So they're here: http://community.livejournal.com/24_fanfic/305648.html?#cutid1

Kay, I have to say thank you one more time for the amazing songs and for not cybersmacking me through the inevitable whining that accompanies all my attempts at writing. I'm taking a break for a little while now, no matter how much my brain is exploding.

Katie and Adrienne, you guys went above and beyond holding my hand through trying this new craziness. I promise to be normal for a day and a half before the new fic bunnies gnaw my brain in two. I can't think about fic now anyway because in exactly 72 EFFING HOURS I'LL BE TWELVE MINUTES AWAY FROM THE END OF THE SEASON. Oh, frak me.

I cannot wait.

*FLAIL* *SQUEEP* (that's my new word when I'm squeeing and fleeping at the same time)


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