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I don't think you should use a spatula for that. )

There is nothing I can add to this, partially because it requires no commentary, but mostly because I'm crying with laughter. Thanks for the link, [personal profile] adrenalin211! And I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday.

p.s. Oh, oh! A giant thank you to [personal profile] dealan311 for telling me to just block a tumblr user who was truly pissing me off. (I told you I don't know how to use tumblr.) Logic-lacking, idiotic Renee hate begone!
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fandom: 24
title: Our arms fill with miracles
word count: 927
warnings: Series spoilers, language, AU like woah
a/n: This is for [profile] century_fox, who prompted with, "Come head on, full circle / our arms fill with miracles.” Given that it’s you, Cinna, I’m hoping the fact that it’s almost June won’t squash the Christmas spirit. I will get all of these done eventually. The complete list of prompts is here. Ginormous thanks to [personal profile] adrenalin211 for being a great beta and a cheerleader when I needed one.

The title is taken from 'Go Places,' by The New Pornographers.

Our arms fill with miracles )

In entirely unrelated news, I continue to be amused by the collection of random that is tumblr. It works on my brain in such a strange way. It's a giant collision of funny, hot, thoughtful, weird, clever, pretty, and sometimes downright effing freaky. Also, one of the tags I track is "Jeremy Renner," and seriously, there must be ten posts a minute. I've given up even trying to see them all.

What's up with you guys?


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