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Oh lord, the way my flail never dies. Ever. Their faces when they meet. I mean, gah. You don't usually get to see that on a show. Yeah, I got to see it on 24, but that's way different.

And just, EVERYTHING. Dear TV. Whatever you're doing, The X-Files did it first.

If you're interested, here's a link to the 24 segment, in which Kiefer looks insanely hot, as per usual.

There aren't many shows I'll never forget, but dayum. These are certainly two of them. What are your shows you'll never forget? Top five maybe?
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Wherein I inevitably remember and hate on the death of my favorite female TV character of all time. I won't babble on about my love for her, because I've already done that plenty here and here.

You still suck, writers. BUT ANYWAY. I will definitely write some fic to cheer me up tomorrow (and if I'm super lucky, [personal profile] adrenalin211 will write me some, too!). Until then, if anybody has funny links or great songs I'm likely to adore, I'd love it if you'd send them my way:) Happy Thursday!
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Wow, there is no measure for how much I needed this today. Thanks so much to [profile] poeelektra for the link.

Have a terrific Monday, everybody. I am crossing my fingers that I can finally manage to drag my ass back to the gym.
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In the (approximate, since I lack her flair -- get it?) style of [livejournal.com profile] lowriseflare, my fandom wishlist for 2012:

1. for Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson to costar in a delightful two hour BBC comedy that has nothing to do with death, pain, alcoholism, or emo of any kind and in which they have metric craptons of well-acted eyesex
2. for Annie Wersching to land a monumentally badass role in a new TV show that is (for once) good, and for her costar to be hot
3. for Justified to keep doing exactly what it's doing, complete with emo!Winona, awesome!Art, lots of complicated bromance between Boyd and Raylan, and meatier storylines for Tim and Rachel
4. for Touch to be as fantabulous as it looks in this trailer. Or in lieu of that, for it to be totally terrible but still stay on TV so I can hear Kiefer talk every week:)
5. for someone to find and put all over youtube A) all the 8x17 nookie footage that hit the cutting room floor B) the gag reels from every single season of 24 or, even better, C) all of the above
6. for me to find the courage to watch the end of BSG
7. for Brandi Carlile to release a new CD already, and then come tour near my home 12 times
8. for Allison Janney to have her own show, in which she plays A) POTUS B) a lifelong New Yorker forced to relocate to Birmingham, AL, C) a bounty hunter, or D) anything

My list is actually pretty short;) What about you guys? Fandom wishes for 2012?


Dec. 16th, 2011 07:53 pm
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My lady wood, let me show you it! Holy crap, he's such a DAD. *flails*

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I just had an earthshattering actinggasm. I cannot believe I just found out this existed. Well. I now know where *I* will be tonight at nine:)

Watch The Song of Lunch Preview on PBS. See more from MASTERPIECE.


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