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I'm exhausted, hot as hell, cranky, and my voice is on the verge of giving out (pretty standard for mid-July), but that didn't keep me from laughing until my stomach hurt over 7 Unintentionally Sexual Optical Illusions.

As you can probably guess, NSFW.

p.s. My current music is amazing. If you don't know it and your musical taste is at all like mine, check it out. *swoons and makes fanvid in head*

p.p.s. I thought I loved certain celebrities until I saw what happened on tumblr during Comic Con. I sit corrected.
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Wherein I inevitably remember and hate on the death of my favorite female TV character of all time. I won't babble on about my love for her, because I've already done that plenty here and here.

You still suck, writers. BUT ANYWAY. I will definitely write some fic to cheer me up tomorrow (and if I'm super lucky, [personal profile] adrenalin211 will write me some, too!). Until then, if anybody has funny links or great songs I'm likely to adore, I'd love it if you'd send them my way:) Happy Thursday!
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So. I have spent the entire day dealing with an incredibly sick kid (I will spare you any more details than that) and watching pretty much every terrifying made-for-the-tween-set movie that's been released in the last uh, decade? Spy Kids? The Drake and Josh movie? The Garfield movie? Saw 'em. (Although Robert Patrick is just hot, even in Spy Kids.)

I'm basically in the bell jar. However, the Porn Battle is coming up. I'm not saying that I'll have even ten minutes (or remotely any inspiration) to write for it, but nonetheless I WILL fall on my knees and beg for you guys to toss some Jack/Renee prompts up there, and if you do, link me. In return, I am more than happy to throw up (ugh, poor choice of words for today) prompts for any couple/threesome/fivesome of your choosing. Just lemme know.

I hope everyone has has had an infinitely more pleasant Sunday than mine;)

/whining about first world problems


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