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No seriously, I just give up.

Although reading some of the comments almost makes it worth the fact that this "book" exists.

Except not quite, because everything about this makes me want to cry.

[personal profile] adrenalin211 made the astute observation that just as everyone knows the story of how the entire HP series got started with Rowling writing on a napkin in a restaurant, everyone will know the story of how this POS got started as Twatlight fanfic. However, no napkins were harmed in the making of Rowling's production. LE SIGH.
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I wasn't going to say anything on LJ/Dreamwidth about my Galentine's Day thread, but now there are ficlets in there (and also some super hot pics of Jack/Kiefer). [personal profile] adrenalin211 will now proceed to kill me for linking to this. My only defense is that because there is such a dearth of Jack/Renee fic out there in cyberspace, when some shows up I feel the need to shout this fact to the rooftops.

You started it, A.

I am so mature.

WARNING: My segment of the above link contains pregnant!fic. Haters to the left, please and thank you. If that's not your tea, most definitely do not click the link. Or do click it and just skip to A's porn;)
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So S is home with a stomach virus. Again. I didn't even realize that was . . . possible. But the doctor says it is, SO. Maybe we can just have an action replay of the awesome that was LAST week. I can only wait in breathless hope. Or something. I seriously give up. However, this video is pretty frakking amazing and hilarious. Also, the first dog is adorable.

Wishing all of you a healthier Wednesday than we're having in this house!

eta: OH. And Justified was so fantastic I can't even deal. At least there is that:) Boyd! Dewey! Dickie! Johnny! RACHEL!!! I cannot stop with my exclamatory joy.
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I'm pondering a few ideas for knocking out these Santa fics. And as I was doing so, suddenly I thought, "GAH." Is what I thought.

Do any of you who write find yourselves, on occasion, gripped by the paralyzing fear that on the off chance you are ever again fortunate enough to compose a quality sentence, there is not a snowball's chance in hell that it will be in past tense?

I was just curious. SUCH A GOOD TALK, THANKS!

And now, moar coffee. So much moar.
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Preview for Kiefer's new series. Just. Eff me. I have serious issues with this man, is really what's going on here!

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Women in Refrigerators. Just say no. )

I'm almost laughing because as I write my [livejournal.com profile] het_bigbang fic, I can't stop second-guessing whether I'm making Renee badass enough. I'm constantly stressed out trying to make sure that both she and Jack get to share the badassery, given that S8 screwed that pooch like I cannot believe. And crap -- 24 is such a terrible offender on this subject. Renee's my favorite ever for a lot of subjective reasons, but Teri, Claudia, Michelle, and Audrey (am I forgetting anyone?) all fall into the WiR category in one way or another.

Thoughts? Is it ever gonna stop? Meh.
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Spammy McSpamerson today, but I can't help posting this, and this special part I'm not even going to cut, because it gave me such an explosion of YES YES YES that I can't even cope. Full text of this amazing article is here. Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] surreallis for the link.


"How To Defend Manpain:

Of course, because shows and movies so often set things up in this way – "the woman has to die so that the man can have a story" – manpain becomes easy to defend, in fannish circles, via a sort of fatalistic Watsonian attitude. "Why did they fridge that lady," folks will say, and other folks will come in to helpfully explain to you that hey, if they hadn't killed the lady, how would the plot have possibly gone on? They needed that lady to die in order for the dude to have an emotional arc! There is no other possible writing decision that can create plot! Also often writers don't seem to exist, or producers, or directors – the show will seem to just spring organically from the ground, rather than being made by people who made choices. Check out, for example, this amazing page on the internet: Renee Walker's Death Scene. This is a page about a character's ridiculous and sudden death on 24, and it's on a website that's devoted to the actress who plays her, so everyone there is pretty sad or pissed off about her death – they loved that character and that actress! But I think the whole comments section really shows how manpain works, and how it gets propped up and defended, all that talk about what "has to happen," about "what's necessary to trigger the plot," about how this isn't a "shock value" death, but an "important" one – and when they say "important," they mean "important to Jack Bauer, the dude with the manpain."

What really amazes me, speaking of shock value deaths, is the degree to which these manpain-inducing moments, especially the ones where ladies die, are defended as "edgy" storytelling in some way, as "shocking" – when in fact they're anything but. They're blase, boring, predictable, and so repetitious that . . . well, that I could make this vid. No one is shocked when the hero's girlfriend dies, and it's as far from edgy as could be; edgy storytelling would look very different. Manpain isn't used as a narrative technique because it's creative or surprising – it's used because it's easy, lazy, and follows on well-tread paths that are familiarly and comfortably sexist, racist, and heterosexist."

Thank you, yes, that is all, the end, kthnxbai. *cheers*
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Shamelessly adapted from [livejournal.com profile] sardonicynic's recent post:

Pick a character or pairing from 24 (sorry to be so specific, but it's where my brain is right now), give me some a song lyric, and I will attempt at least 100 words of fic for you.

I know. I didn't write any of them last time. So I understand if you're all just like, PFT. However, my brain is in this mood where it just can't settle down, and I'd really like to find out if I'm capable of writing anything that doesn't turn into a thousand words minimum. I'm teaching all week, so I can mess with these at work, too:)

I think I'll cap it at 12 though, because even that's probably ambitious, given my recent success with prompts.

Crystal, I'm so excited to prompt you I'm squeaking;)


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