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So. It took me until yesterday morning to even start sorting out the unbelievable clusterfuck that is my brain on 24 at the moment. And I said 'start.' I can't fathom how long it might take before I'm able to wrap my brain around most of it. I actually thought I'd be okay with staying in LJ hiding for some time, until I realized I have apparently unlimited things to say on one aspect of Monday's show.

However, since childhood I have been incapable of discussing subjects that bother me to the core without becoming pretty much an articulate psychopath. My style of argument is 'take no prisoners' to the degree that unless it's family, I usually walk away and try to calm down because I know it's not fair to unleash that kind of vitriol on most people.

Which brings me to (8x06 spoilers under the cut) reason #4382906438106902 why Kay is awesome, and also one of the smartest people with whom I've ever communicated.

If anyone wishes to know my feelings on Monday's 24, read Kay's post. She says exactly what I think, but she comes at it from a standpoint of unadulterated logic, rather than emotion, and that's something I'm not capable of doing yet, if ever. Cheers to that.

eta: I'm entirely snickering, because apparently Monday's ep left even the TWOP recap dude squidging. Heeeeeeeee.


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